Bristol Yoga Classes & Massage.

for physical and mental well-being

Dynamic Yoga is an ancient oriental practice that combines moving postures with specialised breathing. It is the breath that generates heat and energy and mentally develops deep relaxation, concentration and patience.

Through the fluid movements of postures you will promote both cardiovascular and muscular strength, stamina and flexibility.

Yoga holiday in the South of Italy in rural Porto Cesareo (Lecce) 30th May - 6 June 2015. A simple, inspiring week at affordable prices. Make an enquiry through the contact form.

Why not attend an energetic, meditative and fun yoga class? Dynamic yoga classes run every Tuesday at Wilder Studios in Bristol.

If you are an expecting mother, you may want to attend our pregnancy yoga class in Bristol, running every wednesday evening 7.45-8.45pm.

Expect to find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where all class members enjoy learning at their own pace and level of ability.